The meatpacking district is past its risqué days, but the Raven is trying anyway. The 2,400-square-foot subterranean lounge offers mirrors dusted with words cut from faux cocaine, a skull made with condom wrappers and a quilt stitched with an expletive. Red lighting, low ceilings and waitresses clad in black dresses made of rubber further suggest a sex den.

Forget the Clothes, Show Me the New Bars -

New York’s hottest club is Raven! Can you believe this is NOT an excerpt from a Stefon sketch and is actually a real place, reviewed in the NY Times?

If simply reading about these new clubs is exhausting me, I can’t imagine what going would be like.


"The Subway Bragger"

This may be my favorite CH video of the year. The actor (Carl Foreman Jr) completely nails the tone and speech pattern of a subway panhandler. 

If you’ve ever ridden a subway or bus and awkwardly put your head down when somebody gets up and starts addressing the entire car, this video is for you.