Guide To New York Power Meals

Just had this explained by a good friend / media scene veteran….

Dinner means you really want a relationship, a deal or both.

Lunch means you’d like to get to know someone to see if you want a relationship, a deal or both.

Breakfast means you’ve got a current deal to discuss (if you already have a relationship) or you’re willing to consider a relationship with someone new, but that person isn’t especially important.

Drinks are for friends or business people who have become friends.

Coffee is not even on the spectrum.

Update: Jeremy weighs in and says “Disagree. Breakfast is the new lunch.”

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    well put, i like this. what about going for froyo?
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    My lovely friend Ricky put this out there and I think it pretty much sums it up. ;)
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    i could not agree more wholeheartedly.
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    Happy Hour is for good good friends, or colleagues you want to bone chat with. Agreed on the Breakfast-is-the-new-lunch...
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    I’m like, barely on the dating market, and haven’t talked to (due to possibly avoiding him) some dude in a couple of...
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    On Thursday I’m having breakfast, lunch, and dinner with 3 different sets of people. This sounds about right.
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    note to self.