Paul Rudd

Anna and I were walking home from seeing Role Models yesterday (highly recommended if you like good mainstream comedies with heart) and started talking about Paul Rudd.

The conclusion we quickly came to is that he could be America’s awesomest human. Besides being a total dreamboat in the looks department, he somehow manages to perfectly straddle the pop/indie entertainment worlds. He also has the perfect amount of celebrity — not so much that he has paparazzi blocking his way to get coffee in the morning, but still enough to be a household name.

When he did our "Showalter" program, our staffers couldn’t believe how nice he was to everybody. He told one of them about his life in general — he spends a few months doing a movie, takes a few months off to gain weight and hang out with his wife and kid, then loses the weight, does another movie, and repeats. What a life.

I told Anna that I bet if you Googled “Paul Rudd is a douchebag” you’d get zero results. What could people even possibly use to justify that statement? (For reference — Kevin Federline has 594, Bush 507, Barack Obama has 3,910, Ashton Kutcher 74).

Well, here’s the result:


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    i have been a longtime supporter of this idea.. he may be the celebrity i would want to meet the most
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    he is officially my favorite.
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    Three Paul Rudd movies you must see if you haven’t already: Wet Hot American Summer The Shape of Things The Object of My...
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    I mentioned to someone the other day how great he is, I am definetely going to see Role Models.
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    Paul Rudd is awesome. If you haven’t seen the video of him on the Michael Showalter show, click the link above. Wish me...
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    I think this is my favorite post of all time.
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